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On a semester leave, Kendra Desola finds her temporary
job as a dog walker to be a welcome change from the grind of
teaching, especially after she gains a wealthy
attorney as a client.

But total separation from school is fleeting. After a student’s lifeless
body turns up in a seedy part of town, an immigrant community leader
contacts Kendra.

What can she tell him about her former student's activities,
or the family's legal status?

The search for the missing girls draws Kendra into a dark world
where foreign workers are currency and too much knowledge can be fatal.

Note: Recently one of the largest labor fraud cases in US History was settled after labor recruiters
were found guilty of labor trafficking, forced labor, fraud, racketeering and other charges.
Due to a flaw in the HB-2 visa rules, as discussed in my novel, these practices are all too common.

Morale is falling at Standard High
      Dedicated Teachers in Short Supply
      One has discovered a dangerous lie
      Will she be the next to die?


Teacher Kendra Desola opens an anonymous email to find that
someone's photoshopped her into a snapshot from a student party.
This bogus picture means jail time for her if it gets around.

When a staff member turns up dead on campus, the photo serves
as the perfect set up to make her murder suspect number one. And
the emails keep coming.

Kendra plays off an unknown adversary--and the police--as she
seeks to prove her innocence before the killer can kill again.

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