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A job in the United States is a strong lure for citizens of third world countries,
and predatory organizations are eager to assure their entry

Girls are disappearing from the worst school in Arbor City, CA, where
turnover and truancy are facts of life. Kendra Desola, the only faculty
member at Standard High likely to take action, is on a leave of absence.

After a student’s lifeless body turns up in a seedy part of town, an
immigrant community leader contacts Kendra. What can she tell him
about the missing students’ activities, their friends, or their families’ legal status?

Kendra's efforts to help are complicated when she  stumbles on a freshly
murdered corpse. The search for the missing girls is drawing Kendra into a dark
world where foreign workers are currency and too much knowledge can be fatal.


Morale is falling at Standard High
      Dedicated Teachers in Short Supply
      One has discovered a dangerous lie
      Will she be the next to die?


     Teacher Kendra Desola opens an anonymous email to find that
someone's photoshopped her into a snapshot from a student party.
This bogus picture means jail time for her if it gets around.

     When a staff member turns up dead on campus, the photo serves
as the perfect set up to make her murder suspect number one. And
the emails keep coming.

     Kendra plays off an unknown adversary--and the police--as she
seeks to prove her innocence before the killer can kill again.

  Can you tell when someone's lying?

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