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Liars Quiz answers




Can you tell when someone's lying?   Here are the answers to the quiz.


1. C    The right answer is the shortest one, "I always ask first." Statements like "I'll help you look for it" are types of redirection, a common lying technique.


2. B    The girl isn't showing her palms and she's moving her body a lot. Looking right at you isn't always a sign of truth. Not blinking is a sign of lying. She's also trying to put attention on calling her mom and not on the subject at hand.


3. C    Liars often try to make themselves look smaller, hence the crouch that John goes into.


4. C    Eye movement is important. If a right-handed person looks up to their right, they're remembering, but if they look to their left, they're creating, inventing something on the spot. (The opposite directions are true for a lefty.) Looking down means someone's accessing how they feel. In this case, you weren't told if the speakers are left or right-handed so the final clue is that one girl is directing you away, to another place, a literal redirection this time.


5. A    Again, the guilty party is trying to make his presence smaller by bending over and he's talking while not even looking at you.


6. C    Talking slowly can be a sign the speaker is making things up on the fly. Also, liars tend to give way too much information, hoping you'll get lost somewhere in there. Car accident and pregnant? Too much!


7. A    Body language should match what someone's saying. She says she's excited but she leans back like she's relaxing.


Now that you know more about a liar's bag of tricks,

read School of Lies, and see if you can solve the mystery!