Can you spot a Liar? Test
A fun quiz to test how good you are at spotting a liar.

Question: You can't find your digital camera and suspect that one of your roommates borrowed it without asking permission. You've questioned all three of them. Now choose the truthful answer:
It has to be here someplace. Give me a minute to change clothes and I'll help you look for it.
I haven't borrowed that camera in ages.
I always ask you first.

Question: A student of yours shows up wearing an expensive ring that you know she can't afford to buy. You question her. Below are 3 possible answers. Choose the lie:
She gazes at the watch and says, It was my uncle's and he just died.
She shrugs, wiggles the ring finger, looks you in the eye and says, "You can call my mom, she was there when I bought it."
She looks up to the right at the wall behind you and says, "When I saw it at the mall it was so pretty my boyfriend bought it for me."

Question: You're in a convenience store buying a soda when the cashier darts out from behind the register and goes to confront 3 kids. He accuses them of stealing candy. You watch the scene unfold. Choose the guilty kid:
Tony backs up and starts to walk away.
Jeff holds up an empty hand.
John squats down and says, "That's messed up."

Question: You leave your car parked on the street. When you come back one hour later you find someone's keyed the door. You know that scratch wasn't there when you parked. You question a group of teenagers who are standing nearby. Choose the liar:
Alexus looks at her shoes, shakes her head and says, "I just got here."
Kelly looks over your left shoulder and says, "I heard a bang about 5 minutes ago but I didn't see anyone."
Trisha squints and stares at the intersection behind your right ear and says, "A kid on a bike just rode by and went that way."

Question: Someone who walks their dog past your lawn is not cleaning up the mess. Tired of this, you begin to question those who pass by. Spot the liar:
The guy smiles, bends down over the poo, scratches his chin and sympathizes.
The guy frowns, points at the poo and holds up his already used plastic bag.
The guy holds up both palms and snarls at you, "It's not me!"

Question: Your dinner companion takes a call on his/her cell phone in private, then comes back and tells you that this date has to end immediately. Choose the lie:
You date excitedly says, "That was my mom. She thinks she's sprained her ankle. I got to go."
Your date quickly says, "I know this is rude but I need to leave. There's a family emergency."
Your date slowly sighs and softly explains, "That was my sister. She just got in a car accident--you remember she's pregnant--and she is hysterical and her husband isn't answering his phone. I have to go help."

Question: You are looking for someone diligent to proof read your latest book. You interview 3 students that were recommended from the local college. Spot the one who is lying:
She leans back in the chair and says, "I am very interested in this job because I want to be a writer."
He leans forward and says, "I could do this sure, everyone says I'm great with English."
She waves her resume excitedly and says, "I have lots of experience!"

phpQuest 0.15
by Max Kaplan